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Wedding Lighting Services

At Up Lights LA, we offer a large array of wedding & event lighting services for our clients. Besides from top tier state of the art, and professional equipment, we apply our 16 plus years of event & wedding lighting design experience, superb customer service, and attention to detail, to your wedding or event, to make your special day even more magical! Along with great service, we offer our services at competitive and affordable prices guaranteed! We offer a wide array of services, but listed below are the most popular types of wedding & event lighting services. Please feel free to browse around, and let us know if you have any questions, we will be glad to assist further!

Wireless LED Up Lighting

Wireless L.E.D up lighting is the most cost affective way to transform any room from a boring to a “WOW” room. Wireless L.E.D up lights create the perfect ambiance and set just the right mood for your wedding or any other type of special event. Wireless technology subtracts the ugly clutter of cables and tape running across floors, and leaves your venue looking clean. Our Wireless L.E.D up lights project bright and vibrant colors and can create any color in the spectrum to match your event theme color(s). They can be programmed to remain on static colors, change colors to your specifications, and even dance to music! We offer the brightest, professional, and most affordable wireless L.E.D up lighting fixtures that our industry has to offer!

Custom Monogram

Custom monograms or “gobos” are round steel discs which can be manufactured from any image with text or graphics, such as names, company logos, etc. Gobos are inserted into a special lighting fixture just like a slide which projects the image on any surface. Gobos compliment up lights and are great for weddings, and all other types of special events. You can either submit your custom design in JPEG format, or you can choose from our 150 pre designed templates which can be found by clicking here.

Pattern Lighting

Gobos can also be used to project beautiful patterns on walls, ceilings, or dance floors. Patterns give any venue an amazing face lift once incorporated into your wedding lighting package by taking over dull and bland looking walls, or other surfaces. They can also be custom made from a JPEG file, but usually we use existing stock patterns. Besides from the patterns we recommend, There are thousands of patterns to choose from to fit your taste! To see catalog of all available gobos please click here.

Centerpiece Pinspotting

Centerpiece pin spot lighting will beautifully accent your table centers to enhance the centerpieces and illuminate your beautiful wedding flowers, or whatever your centerpiece might be. These lighting fixtures are called pin spots because, they are fitted with an extremely tight beam angle lens. They only light up a certain small area with direct light that does not bleed off to every direction. They are perfect for showcasing your beautiful centerpiece arrangements.

Market/Bistro/String Lighting

Market lights also known as bistro lights or string lights provide lighting for outdoor or indoor events. Our market lights create a warm romantic ambiance, and give an intimate feel to any event or occasion. The bulbs we use cast a soft warm glow, and are easy on the eyes. We at Up Lights LA have come up with wiring and rigging that ensures that the string lights we setup for events lay perfectly straight. It is a must that all bulbs are shining; any blown bulbs will be replaced during setup so the lighting at your event is perfect. Our lights are industrial grade indoor/outdoor lights, so if the weather is not behaving our lights still shine beautifully!

Cake/Buffet Table Spotlighting

Spotlighting your cake is a great way to bring out the details of your cake. We know wedding cakes are usually made with great detail so lighting up your cake is usually a must, since it is an important centerpiece! Spotlighting buffet tables, favor tables, or stations is also a good idea. This ensures your tables to stand out so guests can know where everything is, and see what they are helping themselves to.  


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