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LED Dance Floors

L.E.D light up dance floors are a perfect way to put the “WOW factor” in any given event, whether used alone, or accompanied by any other type of event lighting. As you and your guests are dancing the night away the dance floor lights up with thousands of different color schemes, in a myriad of spectacular patterns, or static theme color(s), all programmed to your specifications by a member of our staff, who will be on site for the duration of the event. They can also be programmed to write text such as names, initials, or full sentences. The vibrant colors and color schemes will stun any guest as soon as they walk into the venue, GUARANTEED! They are perfect for all types of events, including weddings, corporate events, private parties, etc. They come in 3×3 foot panels, which can be put together seamlessly to make any desired size dance floor, whether you have 50 guests or 1000 guests, we have the right size dance floor for you! Below are videos of our L.E.D light up dance floors.

LED Light Up Dance Floor

LED Dance Floor in Action

Our high resolution dance floors are perfect for any type of event. High resolution dance floors are capable of producing many awesome effects that include logos, names, custom effects, scrolling text or messages, and can also be controlled on the fly by one of our staff members during your event. They come in 2×2 ft panels and can be put together seamlessly to any desired size. Each panel features 64 pixels, and vibrant color output for medium – high resolution effects. Panels are finished beautifully with a non-slip tempered glass surface, and are engineered to withstand a great amount of weight.

  • Millions Of  Vibrant Colors

  • Custom Effects Including Text & Company Logos

  • Non Slip Surface

  • Heavy Weight Resistant

  • Build Any Size

  • Perfect For Weddings & Corporate Events

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LED Starlight Dance Floor

Our LED Starlight Dance Floors are the perfect addition to any special event, they INSTANTLY add a WOW factor to any given event. Our starlight dance floor panels come in 2×2 feet sections and can be built to any given size, they can also be used to create isles, or catwalks for fashion shows. Each panel contains 24 white LED lights that illuminate on and off gradually to give it a twinkling effect which looks beautiful in videos, and photos alike! Our Starlight Dance Floors are cleaned and polished before every event and are guaranteed to look brand new each and every time.

  • Twinkling Effects

  • Available in White Or Black

  • Non Slip Surface

  • Heavy Weight Resistant

  • Build Any Size

  • Perfect For Weddings & Corporate Events

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Starlight Dance Floor in Action


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